Monday, 2 September 2013


Hello! This blog will document an 'Artists in Schools' project at Yirrkala School in Arnhem Land.

I came to Yirrkala for a short visit in September 2012 and ended up running a couple of stop motion animation workshops for the Mulka Project, using an animation rig we constructed out of scrap materials. You can read some more about that here and see the results here.

Randjupi Munungurr, Cultural Director at the Mulka Project, went on to direct this film, Baywara Manda, using the setup we made. Animation takes a long time, and this is a 27 minute epic documenting a true story from the community. Amazing! It will hopefully be a nice example to show students.

I'm back in Yirrkala to work on an animation project at the school for 1 month.

Baywara Manda from The Mulka Project on Vimeo.

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