Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Hands and Faces - 18 Sept

Some lovely images created today.

Some Year 1s came in with fishes they'd coloured in to see a demonstration by Nikita and I of how the animation process works.

Bawu traced around her hand and she and Gurmarrwuy started making different designs with the outline. They had their first go animating with a short loop of their designs interchanging with Bawu's real hand. I liked the hand designs so much that we got more people to make them and now have a collection of these.

Guti animated his kangaroo transformation which he created a beautiful background for. Here's a snapshot, with a kangaroo design contributed by Nikita. I love it!

Justin had the great idea of a group activity for Year 7s, animating their faces assembling over the top of each other. This was good because each student could take a turn animating his/ her section and the results are really pleasing.

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