Monday, 2 September 2013

Diving In - Thurs 28 Aug

I'd just arrived from Melbourne and this was my first day at Yirrkala School. I got acquainted with the staff and school and Justin, the art and music teacher, who I will be working with.

During this project I will work with different students on different days, so we need a 'backbone' that will allow material from different students to come together. We decided to animate some songs from a book of Yolngu children's songs some of the younger students at the school have already recorded.

This was set-up week for the project and many people in the community were busy with an important ceremony, so I did not expect to work with students until next week. However there was a group of girls here who were keen to get started so we dived in with a temporary set up to introduce them to the animation process.

First we did a quick animation introduction with plastic animals, including this - it's an example of a 'loop' -  a bit of animation you can repeat to fill more time. We animate the cow spinning one time but then we can loop it in our edit so the cow seems to keep on spinning.

Then the girls made this lovely animation of a turtle laying eggs on the beach. Way more than I expected on Day 1!

Because of the quick set up I encountered a few technical issues but hopefully these will get ironed out pretty quickly.

Here are some snaps of the girls at work.

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