Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Yata - 3 September

The ant song says the ants have lots of legs (yata) so Dyajila, Guti and Tania animated a close up of an ant with its legs moving. Getting more complicated with our animation!

They also used a scrolling background - moving the background backwards a little bit each time behind the ant to make it look like the ant is moving forward even though it stays in one place on screen.

The ant from behind - moveable legs stuck on with blu-tack. For cut-out animation, blu-tack is your best friend.

We also made the ant blink. Blinking is also your best friend in animation, a really easy way to bring a character to life on screen without having to animate much. You can animate one blink and have it loop over and over to fill time on screen.

The ant with an open eye and closed eye ready to stick onto its face for blinking.

Dyajila and Guti at work.

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